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Privacy Policy

• We collect only the information necessary for us to complete your order or to contact to you regarding the status of your order. The information we collect includes your name, email address, shipping address and billing address. We do not store your credit card information, but our payment partners may to make your future purchases easier and faster. Occasionally, will use your email address to let you know about new items and special sales.

Social Media

• When using our social media tags, keep in mind that this information is shared publicly. Therefore, don't give out any information you wouldn't be comfortable with a stranger knowing - this includes your address, phone number, date of birth, email address, bank and credit card details, and place of work.


Your outfits are likely to appear in the following places:

• Home Page - If it is selected.

• Instagram & Twitter - Users searching for the relevant hashtags will be able to see your post and your profile.

• Instagram & Twitter - On our official account if selected by the social media team.

• Blogs - If your outfit is tagged appropriately they may be selected to support the blog.

• Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and other social networking sites and search sites.


Safety & Security

• Our website uses the latest secure server technology to ensure your information is protected to the highest standard, whenever you place an order or access your account information. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software we use encrypts the information you input, ensuring that it is virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to read any information that you provide.


• Once an order has been placed, we don’t store the details of your payment card, with the exception of the last four digits and a unique token reference provided by your card issuer. This eliminates the need for merchants, e-commerce sites and operators of mobile wallets to store sensitive payment card data on their networks and reduces the risk of fraud.

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