Checkmate Crop

Checkmate Crop

Checkmate Crop


* 100% 30/1 combed cotton

* Form fitting With tear-away label

* Bottom hem has an unfinished, raw edge

* Made in the USA


Seriously! When I rcvd. mine I was SOOO IMPRESSED! I was suuuuper happy and thrilled with the outcome... Why? Well not only is the quality of the crop thee shit, but also b/c this piece has a very special/funny story behind it... The artwork is literally from a picture I took after beating DJ Nonfiction in a FANTASTIC game of chess. :p I literally won his a$$ by taking his king, queen, bishop, castle and pawn! Hence the back text Checkmate. What a freaking FANTASTIC play it was guys, lol. I hope you really enjoy this piece and wear it with pride.... knowing it's not just some random picture of chess pieces put together... but that the arrangement they are positioned in signifies the power each piece has towards each other and, that they are literally the winning hand of my awesome chess playing ablilities lol. Hope you enjoy wearing yours as much as I enjoy wearing mine! And enjoy guys!


#Alwaysbecreating <3


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